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Why Every Singer Should Own a Personal Steam Inhaler

Why Every Singer Should Own a Personal Steam Inhaler

A good voice needs to be polished from time to time. Singers or vocalists will surely agree to this fact, right? Professional singers need to keep their vocal cords well-hydrated and the safe way to do that is by using steamers. Several vocalists and singers rely on the best handheld steamers to nourish their vocal cords. But, are they really good? If yes, then how long should you steam? Well, there are many things said about the use of steamers and inhalers. We will mirror you with the facts.

This post will highlight all the reasons why every singer should own a personal steam inhaler. Let’s find out!

Steaming is surely the best way to hydrate the vocal cords. By inhaling steam you soothe the vocal folds that help in empowering your voice and further help you perform better. Through regular steam inhalation, you can prevent vocal strains that can damage your vocal cords. Not just that, breathing in steam brings moisture to the voice box and reduces irritation and swelling while hydrating the vocal cords.

Of course, drinking water keeps you well hydrated because it alone cannot provide enough hydration to your voice. Vocal steamers for singers provide enormous benefits that help your vocals in the long run.

Benefits Of Having Personal Steam Inhaler For Singers

As a singer, your vocals are your asset and it is important to take some vital steps to take care of that. Several factors affect the quality of your voice. These include having a healthy diet, taking care of your sleep, and keeping your vocals nourished. Some singers and vocalists struggle to keep their Throats nourished and that is why the usage of the best handheld steamer can help in providing the required nourishment to the vocal cords.

Optimum Hydration

No matter how much water intake you have, keeping your vocal cords nourished requires something more than that. By using personal handheld steamers you can ensure that you are getting all the hydration required to keep your voice going.

Fight Symptoms Of Allergies

Regular singing and tours might result in some allergies. Steamers can help in fighting the symptoms of allergies such as runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath, headache, and more. Not just that, people who have Asthma or sinus can also feel at ease with the use of steamers or humidifiers as they can effectively deal with seasonal allergies. With its usage, your throat and nose will get enough moisture and will keep you singin-ready.


The life of singers and vocalists is pretty hectic. Going from one tour to another doesn’t leave enough time to take care of the vocals and your overall health. That is why handheld steamers are a must-have accessory for you. You can easily carry it wherever you go and keep your vocals in a healthy condition.

Reduces Swelling And Irritation

Over time regular singing on different notes can result in swelling and irritation. Dealing with such situations can be pretty exhausting and long-hauling. So, it is best to keep a personal steamer with you always. No matter what your routine is, always add taking up steam at the end of the day. It will surely help in keeping your vocal cords set.

Can you steam your voice too much?

Well, excess of everything is bad. Likewise, steaming works best when it is done in moderation. While you can do steaming for your voice every day or multipolar times in a week, it's the time frame you choose should be right. Steaming is a warm-up for your voice and your voice needs some time to recover after taking the steam. So, it is recommended that you should avoid taking steam at least 10 minutes before your singing session. It will allow the warm moisture in the vocal cords to cool down. Also, it will help in reaping the complete benefits of inhaling the steam.

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