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Choosing the Right Respiratory Relief: Steam Inhalers vs. Portable Nebulizers

Choosing the Right Respiratory Relief: Steam Inhalers vs. Portable Nebulizers

People across the globe suffer from different types of respiratory conditions due to various reasons. Unfortunately, nobody is immune to respiratory conditions, particularly during the flu season. Two typical methods to tackle respiratory illnesses are steam inhalation and portable nebulizer.

Portable steam inhalation and nebulizers are available worldwide and these are quite convenient to use due to compact design. But which of these methods is the right choice?

Let’s find out!

What Is Steam Inhalation?

Steam inhalation is a common home remedy to get relief from sinus and cold infections. It includes inhalation of water steam for opening nasal passages.  With the warm mist getting into the respiratory tract, mucus loosens in nasal pathways, throat, and lungs. The cleared nasal passages offer relief from symptoms of inflamed blood vessels.

What Is Nebulizer?

Many doctors recommend nebulizers for patients with asthma or other respiratory conditions, as it delivers medications for quick relief. It helps in converting liquid medicines into a mist. A patient has to wear an oxygen mask and inhale the mist to treat various lung conditions, including wheezing and chest congestion.

Steam Inhalers vs Portable Nebulizers: Which is Better for Respiratory Conditions?            

Steam inhalers provide various benefits to treat respiratory conditions, especially to offer symptomatic relief while hydrating the airways. The moist, warm mist through steam inhalers can soothe irritated, dry mucous membranes while loosening thick mucus. This makes it convenient to expel it. It is beneficial for respiratory conditions, like bronchitis, hay fever symptoms, sinusitis, and the common cold. Furthermore, steam inhalers are convenient to use and affordable options that are available all over the country. This makes them an easily accessible option for people looking for drug-free, natural respiratory relief. The use of essential oils for steam inhalation provides additional benefits of aromatherapy while improving the therapeutic experience.

On the other hand, portable nebulizers are great for target treatment. It delivers medication straight to the lungs, which is vital for treating chronic respiratory conditions, including COPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and more. Although steam inhalers are good for offering instant soothing relief from respiratory conditions of the upper tract, nebulizers are great for managing lower respiratory tract conditions.

So, steam inhalers are great for people seeking natural ways of respiratory relief. And, portable nebulizers are suitable for those requiring targeted, medication-based treatment to relieve chronic respiratory issues.

Improving Steam Therapy with MyPurmist

MyPurmist steam inhaler is a portable device to change the way you get relief from respiratory conditions via steam. It is a great device for those seeking instant relief from respiratory issues, like congestion, blocked nose, etc. It offers unmatched convenience and ease to the users due to its cutting-edge design and advanced features.

Available in Two Variants

MyPurmist steam inhaler comes in two variants to meet the distinct needs of the users as per their preferences and lifestyles.

  • For reliable and consistent steam therapy, the plug-in MyPurmist 2 ultra-pure steam inhaler is ideal.
  • MyPurmist free cordless ultra-pure steam inhaler is perfect for frequent travelers who require portability during steam inhalation therapy.

Using Steam for Instant Respiratory Relief

MyPurmist 2 steam inhaler is a handy device for instant respiratory relief. This handheld humidifier is easy to use. All you have to do is fill it with sterile water that comes with the package. After that, turn on this device and let it produce steam to get rid of respiratory issues. With the use of proprietary CFV instant steam technology, this device offers ultrapure therapy. This device offers pure therapeutic warm mist to relieve allergies, sinus congestion, and other respiratory ailments.

On the other hand, the Mypurmist 2 handheld ultrapure steam inhaler produces finer and consistent mist due to ultrapure steam technology. This pure mist offers quick relief from congestion, as well as other respiratory conditions due to the deep penetration of steam into your airways and sinuses. Moreover, it is a safer and hygienic technique for eliminating contamination from airborne contaminants. Since it prevents your chances of contamination, it is a safer and hygienic option for respiratory relief. Plus, the Bluetooth connectivity makes it convenient for the users to manage it with ease while controlling their symptoms.

You can pick any one of these devices for steam inhalation therapy and preventing respiratory ailments as per your requirements. Both of them are easy to use and guarantee the best possible respiratory well-being.


Due to the efficient and practical approach to treating sinusitis, congestion, and other respiratory ailments, MyPurmist steam inhalation devices offer ground-breaking respiratory care. Those looking for an effective respiratory treatment can get immediate relief and relaxation using MyPurmist’s ultra-pure steam generation and voice steaming ability. Plus, the portable design makes it convenient to carry anywhere you want to follow up with your regular steam inhalation regimen. Explore the website to find out more about MyPurmist and how it works.