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Natural Remedies For Hayfever

A growing number of people suffer from Hay Fever every year due to the rising levels of air pollutants. For the most part, Hay Fever is common during the spring and summer months when there is a lot of grasses and pollen hanging about in the air. Mypurmist Steam Inhaler offers natural hay fever relief.

Hay Fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, unlike a cold is not caused by a virus. Rather, it is an allergic reaction that occurs from breathing  in something that you are allergic to, these are known as allergens and they cause the mucous membranes linings of your nose to become inflamed and swollen. People who are allergic to pollen generally find spring the worse time of year for their allergies as plants release pollen during this time of year and windy days often exacerbate the problem.

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