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Natural Remedies For Allergies And Sinus

Natural Remedies For Allergies And Sinus

Sinus infection is an inflammation or swelling of sinuses that can cause them to get blocked and filled with fluid. It is usually caused by cold or allergies. This is also called Rhinosinusitis, where rhino means Nose. The nasal tissue is almost always swollen if sinus tissue is inflamed.

A sinus infection is similar to a common cold. The main difference between the two is that a sinus infection is an infection of the sinuses and cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory system of the body.

A sinus infection can happen to anyone but it is more likely to happen to people with Nasal allergies, Asthma and Abnormal nose structure.

Signs and symptoms may include:-

  1. Thick discoloured discharge from the nose.
  2. Nasal blockage of congestion.
  3. Pain or swelling on the face.
  4. Ear pain.
  5. Aching in the mouth.
  6. Sore throat.
  7. Bad breath and nausea.

Natural ways of treating sinus:-

    1. Drink water: Water is said to be a medicine for a lot of health issues. Drinking plenty of water will help the body to flush out the virus. It is important to keep the body properly hydrated.
    2. Steam: Taking steam can really help as it opens the nasal passage for any kind of blockage and helps to drain out the fluids. You can either take a hot shower and inhale the steam while showering, you can use a container fill it with hot water and take steam or you can simply use a steamer, while using a container or steamer, make sure to cover your head with a towel and keep your face at least 10cm away from water.

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  1. Moisturise sinuses: Keeping your sinuses moisturised will help in relieving the pressure that will eventually ease the inconvenience. Keep a humidifier with you to relieve nasal blockage or expose your sinuses to steam.
  2. Use oil: Using oil to clean the sinuses will help you to get rid of the mucus. You can add oil in water that you are using to take steam or you can apply it directly on your nasal area, on top of your mouth or on your chest. Eucalyptus oil is proven to help people with sinus infection recover faster.
  3. Warm compressors: Warm compressors can be used to relieve facial pain. Using a warm damp towel on your face, specifically near the nasal area can also help in opening the blockage.
  4. Use medication: If none of the home remedies are working consult a doctor or pharmacist to provide medication to relieve the inflammation and swelling. It may improve the flow of drainage or blockage. Using home remedies is fine to a certain extent but if there is no improvement it is better to consult an ENT.
  5. Nasal irrigation: Nasal irrigation is the process of washing out the nasal cavity to flush out mucus from the nose and sinus. It is basically done with the help of saline water.
  6. Rest: It takes time to recover from a sinus infection and it is good to take rest as the body is exhausted and the more restless your body is the more time it takes to recover. Along with the treatment, it is important to relax your body and take good sleep whenever you can.


All in all, the best natural remedy to treat sinus at home is by taking steam and keeping the sinuses moist. Steam can be taken in various ways but best way is to either use a humidifier or steamer and add a few drops of oil into it, this will help you to relieve the swelling and blockage, it will help the mucus flow out easily and will also give relief from irritation and facial pain. In most cases, this cures the sinus infection and this can be done in the ease of your home. If you are looking for high-quality steamers, then you can shop from MyPurmist. Visit the official website to find more details.