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Do Humidifiers Help with Colds and Allergies?

Do Humidifiers Help with Colds and Allergies?

A humidifier is a device that increases the humidity of a room. Humidifiers either release warm air or cold air to add humidity to the room. Humidifiers have a lot of health benefits, one of which is that it prevents many skin diseases that are caused by low humidity. It can prevent dry eye syndrome. It helps with a lot of other issues such as snore reduction, moisturising the skin and hair, pain relief, adds warmth to your home, They prevent the mucous membrane in the lining of the nose and throat from drying.  Humidifiers are widely used for their help in recovering from respiratory issues. It can also help in treating worsened asthma and allergy symptoms. Not just that it also helps in protecting wooden furniture and floor as excess dry air can cause cracks.

Types of humidifiers:-

  1. Console humidifier: These are used to provide humidity to larger areas.
  2. Personal humidifiers: These are portable humidifiers.
  3. Steam humidifiers: These devices use electricity to create steam.
  4. Ultrasonic humidifiers: these use vibrations to create steam.
  5. Central humidifiers: These are connected to central air conditioning systems and humidify the entire place.

How does it help with colds and allergies?

Humidifiers can help in easing the symptoms of cold and flu. Dry is not good for inhaling, it can lead to many respiratory issues. Dry air is not good for coughing, inhaling dry air can even worsen it. It’s a well-known fact that if you have a cough, steam inhalation is one of the best cures. Doctors often suggest that using it can help with upper respiratory infections. Diseases such as cold, allergies, and nasal congestion that may cause difficulty in breathing tend to worsen at night and using a humidifier can help provide relief to it. It is advised to use cool-mist humidifiers for kids as they can sustain burns if they go close to hot steam humidifiers. Humidifiers help moisturise the lungs, throat and nasal passages.

Reasons to use humidifiers during cold and flu season:-

  1. To stop the spread of the viruses: Germs and viruses spread more in dry air. Increasing the humidity of your house can prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.
  2. Helps to breathe easier: cold and flu symptoms can lead to breathing issues. Humidifiers help in moisturising the respiratory organs which makes it easier to breathe. Steam is one of the best solutions for such issues.
  3. Helps in preventing future illness: humidifiers help in preventing future illness as it already prepares our body’s respiratory organs in such a way that they can avoid normal symptoms of cold and flow. 
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Tips for using a humidifier:-

  • Distilled water: It is advised to use distilled water with humidifiers as using oil and vapour rubs can irritate the respiratory system.
  • Humidity levels: The Humidity level of the place where the humidifier is being used should not exceed more than 50% as it can lead to moulding and condensation issues. It is advised to keep it lower than 50%.
  • Cleaning the humidifier: It is important to keep your humidifier clean at all times. One should clean the humidifier every two to three days and change its filters every week. If the humidifier is not cleaned properly it can allow the growth of bacteria and germs that can get mixed with the air.


All in all, it is evident how helpful humidifiers are, using a humidifier can stop the spread of allergies and flu, it helps to avoid dry and itchy skin, and it can help issues that you might be having right now can help avoid any future illness. To maintain good respiratory health and deal with any symptoms of cold and flu it is one of the best solutions to use a humidifier, if you use the humidifier properly and efficiently it will give you desired results. So, before your symptoms of cold and flu get worsened, shop for high-quality humidifiers from MyPurmist.