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Mypurmist How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How to use mypurmist?

The small amount of water in the reservoir after 20-25 min of use is normal. We do not want the unit to go completely dry - so we have the machine shut off after approximately 25 min of use.  The water from the reservoir will go through the heater the next time you use it and make the steam/mist germ free. So there is no risk in leaving the water in the reservoir. Only if you plan on not using mypurmist for two weeks, then we recommend you run the unit till it is completely dry

No. Saline and many essential oils contain minerals that will damage the device and void the warranty.

Yes, please go to the Shop to choose your accessories. When you go to the Shop, first filter by product (inhaler) at the very top to ensure the correct accessories are ordered.

Yes, you can leave the water in the reservoir. If you do not plan to use mypurmist for two weeks and want to store it, then please have the device continue to run till all of the water in the device is used up.

No, you cannot use mypurmist free when it is charging. It takes approx. 2 hours to charge mypurmist free, after which you have the freedom to use it anywhere, anytime.

Use the product where you can comfortably hold the device. You can be lying down at a slight angle (with a pillow or two).

Yes, mypurmist can be used anywhere in the world. You may need to purchase a standard travel adapter for your charger.

The battery for mypurmist free should last for several years. Please register your product via the Bluetooth app or on our website, and this will extend your warranty to 2 years.We will replace or repair the device if the issue is a manufacturing related fault during this period (including the battery). The battery is not a user serviceable part.  Please contact our customer service for more information.

You can store the unit in its storage bag when it is not being used often. Make sure to store in a safe place where it won't be damaged. It's best to store the unit after all the water is used.

The HEPA filter was designed to last the lifetime of the device, but can be replaced under extenuating circumstances, e.g. use of mypurmist free in a very polluted environment, and in the HEPA mode only for very extended time. Please contact our customer service for more information.

Once a battery is fully charged, it provides ~30 minutes of use (2 sessions), which is consistent with the use of 1 refill of ultrapure sterile water. When the battery is fully charged, you will see a green light at the top of the lower button. You can also use the device even if it is not fully charged. The amount of time will vary based on extent of the charge. When turned on, the battery level indicator is the bottom button. See instruction manual for further details.

One refill of mypurmist Ultrapure Sterile Water (30 mL) is all that you need for 30 minutes of use (2 sessions). mypurmist Ultrapure Sterile Water is available in a convenient 20 pack of 30ml refills. These refills are easy to carry - even on an airplane. This allows you to use mypurmist free cordless ultrapure literally anywhere, anytime - indoors or outdoors!

You can use mypurmist as often, or as long as you like, since it is 100% natural. A full water reservoir provides approximately 30 minutes of use. Many patients will use mypurmist for 15 minutes just before sleeping for more restful sleep. For most optimal results we recommend using mypurmist once in the morning and once before bed for 10-15 minutes each. Best is for you to try different durations to see what is most optimal for you. Generally speaking using mypurmist more often will provide you the consistent benefits of humidification.

mypurmist has a toggle to control the temperature in a comfortable 37.7°C to 46.1°C range. Please see the user manual for specifics.

A red light is an indicator for "water out". To continue using mypurmist, simply add more water and press the ON button. Please see the appropriate user manual for specifics.

The device will always turn off on its own if you forget to turn off mypurmist. First, the mypurmist device will keep running till all the water in the device is used up after which it will go into an automatic drying cycle for 10 minutes. 

Simply press the power ON/OFF button and set the device aside. The red light will not turn on, but the drying cycle will be triggered and the unit will shut itself off automatically once it's dry. If you want to continue your session, just press the power ON button again and enjoy the steam. You do not need to wait for the 10-minute drying cycle to complete. Simply press the power ON button when you are ready! It's that easy!

The fan continues to run for 10 minutes to dry the inside of the mypurmist unit. This keeps the inside of the unit dry.